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Miles Away Everyday is an outdoor and travel brand created by us to help document our travels and push technology forward in the RV/nomad culture and industry.

Sitting down to design your own brand is never as fun as it sounds. It is one of the most painstaking processes you can go through as a creative. Even with defined goals and parameters, it is an arduous journey on the way to finally waking up two days in a row and still liking the design. It is a game of patience without a doubt.

While you mentally prepare yourself for the process, solidifying a goal set for the brand is crucial. We knew we wanted the brand to be different, represent our personalities, and yet still give off an outdoor vibe.

Most travel brands use earth tones to hammer home that they’re “one with nature”. We wanted to be a little bolder. We do love nature, but our personalities dictate a slightly louder presence so we went with a brighter orange-y red as our primary color and a softer green/gray blue as our secondary. Bold, smooth lettering conveys a bit of fun while rough edges throughout give it that outdoor feel that’s so vital. The whole thing is topped off by the mountain mark that’s a combination of an ‘M’ and an ‘A’.

As we build the brand slowly over social media, and eventually other RV-specific side projects, it will evolve, be refined, and one day become another instantly recognizable and iconic mainstay in the travel/RV space.