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After traveling a large swath of the country in our RV, it became abundantly clear that the majority of campground websites were outdated and an affordable solution was needed that didn’t compromise quality. With our years of experience designing and building websites, it quickly became a goal to build a platform for these fine folks.

Using WordPress as a foundation, ease-of-use and performance as major goals, RVspark was born. RVspark websites have to first and foremost give users what they’re looking for with as little trouble as possible. Making them look good comes a close second to making sure they perform brilliantly.

Each theme is designed to present users with important information right away, and beyond that they are built to be lightweight, fast, and mobile-friendly.

In today’s increasingly-mobile world, it is imperative that websites perform well. Connection speeds are increasing, thus limiting the need for smaller file sizes and images, but the RV industry is an outlier in this sense. A majority of RVers are either on the move or stationary and may not have access to the fastest wi-fi or cell tower. It is imperative then that a campground,  trying to book as many spots as possible, loses as few potential customers as possible because of technological failures. This is why all of our RVspark themes have built-in ‘slow connection detection’.

We’ve really tried to think of everything, and as we think of more ideas we will implement them much quicker than our competitors, because we’re awesome at and love what we do.