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NOTE : This project has not launched

Timucuan Farm is a horse farm run by two passionate equine enthusiasts, Joe and Estella Baker. Two of the absolute nicest people you could possibly meet. Our branding consultation was over a lovely dinner and we left inspired after several emotional moments of Joe and Estella expressing their love for what they do. Their eyes welled as they described the joy of helping train people of all ages to truly appreciate the privilege of caring for a horse, and creating a connection that lasts a lifetime.

Joe and Estella wanted to craft a brand that represented who they are and what they stand for. They are big on history. Timucuan Farm is named after the native tribes that originally settled there, and it’s located in one of the few hilly areas of Florida. Wrapping the top of the logo is a native-inspired triangular pattern, and surrounding the figures are rolling hills like the ones surrounding the farm.

At the center of it all is a man and woman guiding a horse and its rider, a visual representation of Joe and Estella and the great work they do.